Xiaomi Launched Mi A1 With Pure Android One Phone Powered by Google for India

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Today we have seen an new era starting between Xiaomi and Google by partnered to release the first ever Android One device in a flagship Smartphone, Xiaomi has announced the Mi A1, a new flagship phone largely focused on the Indian market with the tagline of “created by Xiaomi, powered by Google.” It has a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, a metal body, and a dual-camera system that includes a secondary telephoto lens for 2x zooming and portraits with shallow depth of field.Here is the official Mi A1 Product Video!
Here are some notable specifications of Xiaomi Mi A1
Dual Camera
We may hope Xiaomi will bring more devices with Dual Camera setup may be Mi 6 next time!!
Xiaomi Launched "Mi A1 With Pure Android"
Android One – Created by Xiaomi powered by Google!!
One of the flagship device in India to have a Android one (Pure Android) by replacing MIUI .Google promised unlimited Cloud Photo storage through Google photos.
Google official confirmed that the device will be updated to Android Oreo.
One of the earliest device which will be upgraded to Android P.
Xiaomi Launched "Mi A1 With Pure Android"
High Quality Audio
Xiaomi introduced 10V smart amplifier supporting high impedance headphones. With this move Xiaomi is now considering changes in this areas.
Xiaomi Launched "Mi A1 With Pure Android"


Pyrolic Graphite Sheet
Xiaomi say that the device will be free from Heating issues .  They are now came with a smart solution to that with integrating Pyrolic Graphite Sheet with device body!!
Xiaomi Launched "Mi A1 With Pure Android"
The 380V Charger and the Type C Charging Port
Xiaomi’s First Flagship Smartphone in India under 15000 having a Type C Charging Port, maybe they will continue using this in upcoming Mi phones.The next smart move from Xiaomi with this launch introducing 380V Charger especially for Customers in India, It shows the internal workaround by Xiaomi by analysing which suits for Indian Customers!!
Xiaomi Launched "Mi A1 With Pure Android"


That’s all in this launch, can’t go away without mentioning these innovative changes made from Xiaomi. Hopefully this time also they have kept their promise. They making affordable for common peoples especially in India!