Really Working WordPress Trick to Speed Up Your WordPress Website.

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Here are the things I followed. Please apply on your sites as well.
  • Step 1– Install “ Autoptimize “ plugin.
  • Go to advance settings tabs and select the following – and
  • Click on save changes and empty cache.
  • Step 2 – Install “Async JavaScript” plugin.
  • or instead of Async javascript plugin you can do this as well – You can also enable Async without using Async JavaScript Plugin. Just add the below functions code on theme’s functions.php file. It works great.
    /*function to add async to all scripts*/
    function js_async_attr($tag){
    # Add async to all remaining scripts
    return str_replace( ' src', ' async="async" src', $tag );
    add_filter( 'script_loader_tag', 'js_async_attr', 10 );
  • Go to settings tab of that plugin and choose the following options –
  • Step 3 – Install “a3 Lazy Load”
  • Step 4 – Go to these 2 links Leverage browser caching & Enable gzip compression
  • Scroll down the pages and copy the code from both the pages and paste it in your htaccess file in yoast seo tool.
  • Step 5– Install WPsupercache and make the normal settings.
  • Step 6 – Install this plugin “Disbale-Embeds-Emojis” here –
    .zip  Disbale-Embeds-Emojis (Size: 2.88 KB ) 
  • After installing that just check all the 3 options and click save.
  • That’s it by now you should be having a super fast website [Image: 1f642.png]

I have tried these steps on 10 sites approximately and it worked every-time. So this should work for you as well. Do let me know your result or any doubt related to this post.