KFC’s New Gamers Box : All You Need To Know About!

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I’m going to tell you about KFC’s New Gamers Box. And I’m sure you all will love it.

KFC's New Gamers Box : All You Need To Know About!

KFC really can’t be stopped from making bizarre gadgets, and I can’t stop being intrigued by them. Today(26-07-17) the company launched a to-go chicken box that doubles as Bluetooth game controller. It’s called the Gamer’s Box 2.0. (I’m not sure if there was a Gamer’s Box 1.0.)

KFC also partnered with Mountain Dew, so in addition to a chicken sandwich, people will get a soda with their purchase. It’s mounted on top of the box, and it’s something to behold. The limited-edition KFC meal box features the built-in slot that grips your phone firmly, adding more of a portable gaming feel to it.

KFC's New Gamers Box : All You Need To Know About!

The left and right side of the box feature two physical gamepads complete with an analog stock, a D-pad, media keys, and two trigger buttons. The set-up is similar to a traditional game controller. The controller connects to smartphones via bluetooth and there are LED indicators to show that it is pairing or has paired.

But the box is a bit bulky and we are not sure how much hardcore gamers will like the overall experience, especially since once the meal is gone the meal box becomes a dead weight. However, the contraption will appeal to collectors and die-hard fans of KFC and Mountain Dew. Only ten units of the box will be up for grabs and you will have to act fast to get them.

The company tells that you can go to any KFC India or Mountain Dew India social media page — like FacebookTwitter, and Instagram — and comment on the Gamer Box video for a chance to win. Only 10 boxes are available, though, so I guess your odds aren’t great.